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    We are on a mission to get London fitted up and riding out on some of the hottest bikes on the planet.

    Using the Retul bike fit system we can have your position optimised on your existing bike to minimise the risk of future injury and improve your efficiency - making your cycling more enjoyable.

    We also carry some of the coolest bikes out there at the minute, from the likes of Cannondale, Focus, Cervelo, Storck, Enigma and Scott. Whether its for commuting, sportives, racing or just fun, one of the team can help guide, and fit you, to the best bike to meet your needs!

    As featured in The Guardian - Get Retul fitted like a pro!


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    London's Road Bike Specialists
    8 Strype St, Spitalfields, London E1 7LF   |   mail@swiftcycles.co.uk Need Help? Call us on 0207 377 0502 Call us 0207 377 0502Mon-Fri 10:00 - 19:00; Sat 10:00 - 16:00
    Bike Fitting at Swift Cycles

    Bike Fitting at Swift Cycles

    Swift's Fitting Philosophy

    Bike Fitting is at the centre of everything that we do here at Swift Cycles. This means that we want to focus on finding your ideal riding position first, then we can offer advice as to which bike is going to allow us to achieve your ideal position when out on the road. We’ll always analyse you dynamically, both on and off the bike to fully understand your specific individual requirements.
    Fundamentally we believe that cycling is a synthesis between the rider and the bike and we are always trying to find the perfect balance between power output, aerodynamics and comfort. Our focus depends completely on the specific goals of the individual rider in the fit room.

    Swift Cycles was one of the first cycle shops in the UK to fully understand the importance of bike fitting. As such we've gained a huge amount of expertise and experience in this skill.
    We also ensure that we constantly invest in the best possible technology to underpin the quality of our bike fitting process. This is a virtuous circle as the technology gives better quality information to the fitter, thereby improving their knowledge and experience.


    Our Fitting Technology


    Swift is proud to partner with Retul. We've used the Retul motion capture system for 3 years and found it to underpin the quality of our fits fantastically.

    The Retul system is essentially motion capture but taken to the next level in precision. Bicycle fitting in the past has been something of a dark art, relying as it did, on either static measurement or the fitter's visual interpretation of the cyclist's body in motion. Retul provides a step change in the quality, accuracy, and objectivity of the data available. In short, guesswork and assumption are replaced by data and analysis. The fitter is then allowed to concentrate all of their efforts on finding the most comfortable and efficient set-up for you as the rider.

    We believe that all riders would benefit from a full bike fit, particularly if you are looking to improve your riding, or suffer persistent pain or injury.

    Retul is used by the leading teams in Cycling. Including, Sky, British Cycling, Europcar and many others. But you don't need to be a pro to benefit from having your position optimised.

    Bike Fitting at Swift Cycles

    Shimano Bikefitting.com – Bike Position Simulator

    New to Swift Cycles is the most technologically advanced bikefitting cycle ever devised. Shimano make it their business to be at the forefront of bicycle technology at all times. We are proud to be one of the first bike shops to use this jig in the UK.

    This jig allows us to simulate any stock or custom bike position with ease. This is particularly useful when determining the best size of bike for an individual, or when sizing up a custom made machine.

    Bike Fitting at Swift Cycles

    Shimano Dynamics Lab - Pedal Power Analysis

    Integrated within the Shimano Bikefitting simulator is their pedal stroke power analysis. This allows unprecedented visibility of the power profile through the pedal stroke.

    This provides a critical overlay of intelligence above the recommended ranges used within a Retul bike fit:

    - Helps saddle height setup and understanding by watching for power flat spots or peaks through the pedal stroke.

    - Improve stability by identifying the force profile along the width of the foot. Getting the forces centred through the pedal stroke.

    - Helps dial in cleat and insole set up.

    - Helps transfer power input to the bike rather than expending it stabilising the leg.

    Bike Fitting at Swift Cycles

    The latest addition to the Swift Cycles bike fit studio is Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping.
    Gebiomized have been revolutionising the bike fitting world since 2001 with their pressure mapping technology by making the previously invisible, visible.

    Knowing exactly how the riders pelvis is positioned and how this force is distributed on the saddle adds another dimension to the bike fitting process. The value of this additional information has not gone unnoticed. Over the years Gebiomized have been working with the likes of Fabian Cancellara, John Degenkolb and Katharina Venjakob, Team Trek-Segafredo, Team Katusha Alpecin and Team Movistar to name but a few.

    With the addition of Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping, we’re able to optimise the saddle position and compare various different saddles to find the best saddle for you.


    Bike Fitting Services & Prices

    Perfect for Dialling in your current bike. Improve your performance, reduce injury risk, or just get more comfortable on your steed.

    Price £150 £200 (Credits available against subsequent bike purchase)
    Duration c. 2 hours

    • Interview - to establish your riding style, injury history and any current issues.
    • Physical assessment - to establish range of motion, impairments, or any physical asymmetries that may create potential issues during a ride.
    • Contact Points - Pedals, cleats, saddle and handlebar will be analysed and adjustments are made accordingly. (charge for parts applies)
    • Retul Motion Capture - dynamically analysing both sides of the body and optimising your setup based on the above discussions and analysis. This is conducted using a combination of video analysis and our Retul motion capture system
    • Gebiomized Saddle Pressure- where appropriate we’ll analyse the pressure applied on the saddle to optimize this contact point. When necessary various saddles can be compared to find the best fitting saddle
    • Adjustment - bike is adjusted to 'dial it in' perfectly to your needs. This may include the fitting other parts such as handlebars and stems which are then tested to monitor the effects.
    • A comprehensive fitting report is provided
    • Available for new/custom bikes and existing bikes.
    • Credits available against subsequent bike purchase:
      • Bike over £2750, within 3 months - 100%
      • Bike between £1000 and £2750, within 3 months - 50%



    Bike fitting taken to the next level. Groundbreaking analysis of your pedal stroke, power output and force efficiency, integrated with dynamic position analysis. Find your real optimal position!
    Price £200 £250 (Credits available against subsequent bike purchase)
    Duration c. 3 hours

    • Same foundational processes as the ‘ Swift Cycles Pro Fit'.
    • Addition of Power & Pedal Stroke Analysis - Using Shimano's cutting edge Pedal Analysis tool to augment your fitting, we analyse the efficiency of your pedal stroke, reviewing force input and power output for both the left and right leg independently. This gives us an objective and in depth insight into any L/R imbalances and the smoothness of the pedal stroke. We’ll relate changes in the position to changes in power output and efficiency, providing tips and insight to help improve your pedal stroke and make you as efficient as possible.
    • Adjustment - bike is adjusted to 'dial it in' perfectly to your needs. This may include fitting other parts such as handlebars and stems which are then tested to monitor the effects.
    • A comprehensive fitting report is provided
    • Available for new/custom bikes and existing bikes.
    • Credits available against subsequent bike purchase:
      • Bike over £2750, within 3 months - 100%
      • Bike between £1000 and £2750, within 3 months - 50%


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    Please call 0207 377 0502 or email mail@swiftcycles.co.uk for bookings, info and advice about.

    Fitting Services

    Swift Pro Fit - £150 £200 

    Perfect for Dialling in your current bike. Improve your performance, reduce injury risk, or just get more comfortable on your steed.
    Duration c. 2 Hours

    Swift Pro Fit Plus - £200 £250

    Bike fitting taken to the next level. Ground breaking analysis of pedalling power stroke and pedal force profile, added to the class leading Retul Bike Fit.
    Duration c. 3 Hours

    For bookings, advice or info:

    Call 02073770502 to speak to the team.

    For a complete outline of our fitting services and prices, please click here. (Link jumps to services at the bottom of page)

    The Fitting team

    Jorrit Van der Plaats - Head Fitter

    Jorrit Van der Plaats - Head Bike Fitter at Swift Cycles

    Jorrit holds a Masters degree in Sport Science from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and has been working as a bikefitter since 2011. He’s an International Bike Fit Institute (IBFI)  Level 3 certified fitter. After setting up the bikefit studio at SportMaster in the Netherlands, where he used state of the art measuring tools, such as Specialized BG Fit and Gebiomized saddle pressure analysis, we were lucky enough to bring him to the UK in 2014.

    Jorrit enjoys working with riders of all abilities and always focuses on the goals and needs of the rider in the fit room. Whether you’re wanting to optimise your performance by finding minimal gains in stability, efficiency or aerodynamics. Getting rid of your cycling injuries; or find the perfect frame fit for your body Jorrit will have the right answers.

    Jon Reid - Bike Fitter

    Jon Reid - Bike Fitter at Swift Cycles

    A veteran of over 500 bike fits there is very little that Jon has not seen and corrected in bike setup. His experience has ranged from riders with sever physical impairments, limb discrepancies, muscular wastage, and scoliosis, to elite level racers and triathletes wanting to be the best they can. Always adapting to create the best compromise solution for the rider whilst not overstepping the boundary between bike fitting and medical treatment.

    A self confessed bike nerd, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of bicycle geometry and frame design, so is always a good person to talk to when looking at custom bikes.

    All of the staff here at Swift have a good understanding of bike fitting and experience in the benefits and process. We're always keen to offer advice and answer questions, so if in doubt about which type of fitting is best for you, then speak to one of the team on 0207 377 05 02 or if you can't get to us on the phone then use: mail@swiftcycles.co.uk