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    We are on a mission to get London fitted up and riding out on some of the hottest bikes on the planet.

    Using the Retul bike fit system we can have your position optimised on your existing bike to minimise the risk of future injury and improve your efficiency - making your cycling more enjoyable.

    We also carry some of the coolest bikes out there at the minute, from the likes of Cannondale, Focus, Cervelo, Storck, Enigma and Scott. Whether its for commuting, sportives, racing or just fun, one of the team can help guide, and fit you, to the best bike to meet your needs!

    As featured in The Guardian - Get Retul fitted like a pro!


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    London's Road Bike Specialists
    8 Strype St, Spitalfields, London E1 7LF   |   mail@swiftcycles.co.uk Need Help? Call us on 0207 377 0502 Call us 0207 377 0502Mon-Fri 10:00 - 19:00; Sat 10:00 - 16:00

    Performance matters - Rest, recovery and adaptation.

    Jon Reid | 30/03/2016 15:58:42

    Greetings readers! By the time you are once again perusing my monthly ramblings, it’ll officially be British Summer Time. Light(er) nights, tropical(ish) temperatures, and the race/sportive season will be well and truly upon us. Well, two out of three isn’t bad… This for many of you, I’m sure will mean ramping up both time spent on.... More

    Bike Fit Tips – Power Analysis

    Jon Reid | 30/03/2016 15:47:09

    Every rider is looking for ways to improve their power output and go faster over longer periods of time. Obviously improving your fitness is something that will increase your power output. Buying the lightest and stiffest bike, with the best aero wheels will make you go faster as well. Many of us, however, are wasting a lot of.... More

    Custom Builds–Cannondale Supesix Evo Team Issue

    Jon Reid | 09/03/2016 11:30:13

    Ok. So we know this is a stock bike note a custom build. But, it’s awesome, so forgive us!  Chris, the lucky owner was kind enough to let us get a few pics in the fading light, apologies if the quality is not quite at our normal level! Absolutely fantastic paintjob on this bike. Certainly.... More

    Custom Build–Cervelo R2, Mavic, Rotor Power

    Jon Reid | 09/03/2016 10:37:13

    Martin’s Cervelo R2 is an exercise in focussing on the things that will make you go fast. The new black and red colour scheme has been hugely popular already. Understated with a nice red pinstripe down the top tube. Mavic Pro Exalith SL wheels will help this steed climb like a goat and stop well.... More

    Performance Matters – Paralysis of Analysis

    Jon Reid | 09/03/2016 10:11:51

    Greetings readers! Whilst out running on Hampstead Heath one wet and dreary Sunday morning, I spent some time thinking about how we as endurance athletes measure our progress and define improvement. This was an idea that my coach, Colin Norris of www.apbworks.com put into my head recently, and I’ve been giving it more and more thought… .... More

    Custom Build - Kinesis Tripster, 105 Hydro, Hope

    Jon Reid | 07/03/2016 17:09:59

    Marco’s lovely do everything build. The Kinesis Tripster frame has some beautiful detailing. It’s clear that a huge amount of thought has gone into every aspect of the bike. So we tried to mirror that in the finishing kit employed. Anodised barrel adjusters set off the Ti bike nicely. Handbuilt wheels. Brand.... More

    Custom Build – Cervelo S2, Campy, Vision

    Jon Reid | 07/03/2016 17:06:27

    Rob Loves the classical looks and function of Campagnolo, so we put together a campy loaded S2 for him.  Vision Metron 40 Wheels. One of our absolute favourites. Great performing and very usable in all conditions. No doubting it, Campy is very pretty indeed. The 2016 S2 comes equipped with the new Rotor chainset, nicely engineered. Understated and fast.

    Custom Build – Enigma Evade, Duraace, Mavic

    Jon Reid | 07/03/2016 14:02:11

    Paul’s Enigma Evade Paul wanted a bike that was both practical and elegant. An Enigma Ti build fitted the bill nicely. The Evade is fast becoming the most popular bike in Enigma’s range for us, due mainly to it’s incredible versatility as a road bike. Enigma do a number of frame finishes, they.... More

    Easter Bank Holiday Opening Hours

    Jon Reid | 07/03/2016 11:41:23

    Happy Easter Bank Holiday to all our friends at Swift. Here’s when we’ll be open: Friday 25th March – Open 10 – 7pm as usual Saturday 26th March – Open 10 – 4pm as usual Sunday 27th March – Closed Monday 28th March – Closed Tuesday 29th March – Open 10 – 7pm as usual